Setting tasks

You can set a task and assign a specific person or more people to complete it. You can specify a task to be completed by commenting, filling out a form, or a group of forms. You can also use tasks to create automation for idea processing.

Requesting a comment

One form of a task is to request a comment from someone. That means that you simply ask someone to comment on the idea.

  1. Click on the title of the selected proposal to open the Manage-menu on the right.
  2. Then click Ask for comment to request a comment.
  3. Under Comment task, select the user(s) you want to target, the deadline for completing the task, and, if needed, write a message or more information about the task.
  4. Finally, click Send task.

Ask for the form to be filled out

You can also assign a task of filling out a form regarding the idea. If the forms have already been created, you can use them, or create a new form.

  • Proceed as in requesting a comment. First, click on the title of the idea to open the Manage-page.
  • If you want to create a new form, click + Add form and create a new one, or select an existing form from the list and click Ask for (form name).

Request to fill out a form group

You can also set a task to fill in a form group. In this case, do the same as requesting a form, but select a form group or create a new form group first.

The task performer can choose which form from the group he wants to fill in and therefore the form group is useful for example in decision making.


💡 You can assign a task to more than one person.

Delete the task

When you click on the idea title and the Manage-menu opens, you will see  below the tasks who is assigned to complete the task. To delete a task, place your cursor over the icon of the assigned person, and then click delete task.