Archiving a workshop

If a workshop has come to an end, you can archive it. When a workshop is archived, it will disappear from the left menu.

This is how you archive a workshop:

  1. Go to the workshop of your need.
  2. Press ratas (asetukset) on the upper right corner of a workshop.
  3. From the opening menu click  General.
  4. From General, open the Settings tab.
  5. Click Archive at the bottom of the Settings tab.
  6. Press Yes to confirm archiving.


Where to find an archived workshop:

If you want to get to an archived workshop follow these steps:

  1. Drag your cursor on the top of the Workshops title on the left menu.
  2. Press the appearing symbol next to the Workshops title.
  3. Click on Archived.
  4. You can get back on a workshop by pressing on its name.