Challenge phases


💡 The phases of the challenge are explained in the description of each phase of the challenge. 

Idea collection

The idea collection phase involves collecting "raw ideas". At this stage, participants should be encouraged to publish and comment on their suggestions with a low barrier.

Participants in the challenge should first familiarise themselves with the challenge on the Info page. The info text should be clear and tell all relevant information about the challenge, such as what the challenge is and what the the challenge aims to solve.

At this stage, ideas are not to be judged, only participated and commented on.


During the development phase, the idea generators use the feedback they receive from the community to further develop their ideas. During this phase, constructive comments are made.

Participants in the challenge are encouraged to read the comments on their proposals and use the feedback to develop them further.

At this stage, the Experts will read through the ideas and ask clarifying questions to get a full picture of the proposal.


The aim of the evaluation is to find the most potential proposals.
Participants react with thumbs. If needed participants can also react with diamonds and lightning bolts.
The evaluation criteria are as follows:

A thumbs up means the idea is good
Diamond means the idea is absolutely brilliant
A lightning bolt means that the idea is one that should be implemented as soon as possible


The number of reactions per participant can be controlled from the management. This avoids, for example, giving a thumbs up to all the ideas, making voting useless.

The reaction default is that every participant has 10 thumbs. If needed, it is also possible to react with diamonds and lightning bolts. They can make the Evaluation process a bit harder.

For example, you can specify that a user only has one lightning bolt and two diamonds to give.

The subject experts should familiarise themselves with the evaluation criteria for the challenge. Review the ideas and place them on the evaluation scale.

Top idea selection

Top idea selection is the final stage, which involves both community and expert evaluations. These will be used to select an agreed number of solutions for further work.

Be sure to publish the results as soon as possible so that participants can see the results of the work.

Challenge completed

Challenge completed- step means that the challenge is finished.

⚠️ NOTE! Each stage of the challenge must be manually completed in the management by clicking on the Finish Stage button at the bottom of the page.