Form field types

Orchidea has diverse field types that help you to create a form that fits your needs.

  Elements Explanation
Single Line of Text 

Simple text field for short text answers

Example : Name, Company name, Work title

Multi Line of Text

Simple text field for longer answers.

Possible to enable rich text format (cursive, bold etc)

You can also embed Youtube and Vimeo videos with a link.

Number Slider

Measure by number. You can name the values to measure for example satisfaction

(example. 1=very satisfied, 2=Mediocre, 3= Not satisfied)  

Attachment Allows the user to add files as an attachment

Field that allows only numbers

Example: Phone number, project number

Date Opens a calendar where you can choose the date, or manually input a date
  Multiple Choice Question  Traditional multiple choice option with basic radio buttons. Only one option chosen.
Classification tree A list of pre- existing categories to classify the content from. 

Choose a user.

Select or type to search for users.

Help text Information text field,  not interactive.