Form tools guide

Here's an easy guide to the form tools.

Each tool has it's own purpose and you can either choose an existing tool or create a new one

⚠️ Do not edit an existing tool for another purpose, because each tool carries a data input and will measure that area by default. 

However, if there is no form tool to fit your need, you can easily create a completely new form tool. Guide for creating forms is here

Name of the tool Purpose Type
Title Title tool creates a title

Single line of text

Description A text field to add a description Text field
Problem To track which problem idea solves Text field
Need To keep track of the need/opportunity/problem Text field
Novelty To measure how new, fresh, or something is and the level of innovation Numeral review
Suitability for company How suitable something is for the company, numeral review. Numeral review
Necessity How necessary something is  Numeral review
Attractiveness How attractive the idea is  Numeral review
Strategic fit How does the idea fit  Numeral review
Alignment with strategy and portfolios How the idea aligns with current strategy  Short text field
Customer value Measures the value of innovation to a customer Short text field
Value for company Measures the value of innovation to the company itself Short text field
Competence feasibility   Short text field
Technical feasibility   Short text field
Risks To survey potential risks of the idea Short text field
Grounds of approval To define what needs to be developed to gain approval Short text field
Attachments Attachement tool for user to add files Attachment tool 
Classification To classify fe. a category Select boxes
Customer need How the idea fits to customers needs Short text field
Feedback To collect feedback Short text field
Business process What state of business process does this part align with Select boxes
Development brief To track development matters related to the idea Short text field