Guide for participating the challenge

Collecting ideas

The first stage of the challenge is to generate proposals. . 

💡Write down your ideas with a low barrier! At this stage, it's a good idea to let your creativity bloom.

1. To create a proposal, click on the create new proposal button.

2.  You can view the proposals created by others under the View proposals section.

Creating a proposal/Registering an idea

💡If you don't have any ideas yet, you can start by checking out other people's ideas first and comment on them.

1. Name your proposal, the name should be clear.

2. Write a description of your proposal. The description should be clear, and short, so that it can be understood by anyone later in the process.

You can use text formatting by painting the text.

3. Include attachments, such as pictures or documents, if necessary.

4. Publish your proposal when it is ready. You can edit your proposal later.

5. Comment and react to other people's proposals.

You can view other people's proposals in the -tab or by clicking on the button on the homepage under the Idea collecting section.

From the Proposals tab, you will see a multiscreen view by default. The menu on the right- allows you to switch to list mode.

When you click the  proposal open you will be taken to a mode where you can comment and browse the proposals.

1. -icon in the left-hand corner of the list of proposals allows you to select the order in which the proposals  are listed.

2. List of proposals

3. Reactions- ⚠️this is done in the Evaluation phase ⚠️

4. Commenting

  • Comment on other people's proposals to help them develop their own ideas. 


In the development phase, you can use the feedback you receive to further develop your proposals.

1. Currently active-status marks which phase is active

2. From here you can develop your proposals.


In the evaluation phase, you explore your ideas and provide reactions

  • React to the proposals. You are given a predetermined number of reactions to give to other people's proposals. You can see the remaining number of reactions by hovering your mouse over the reaction button..

A thumbs up means the idea is good
Diamond means the idea is absolutely brilliant
A lightning bolt means that the idea is one that should be implemented as soon as possible


Top idea selection

Your job is done! The experts make their judgements based on the community and the experts' assessments. The results will be published as soon as possible..

Challenge completed

The challenge is now over and the results are published.