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Import proposals from CSV-files

You can import ideas from Excel sheets into proposals in channels, challenges, and workshops.

💡If you create the import file with Microsoft Excel, use file format CSV UTF-8.

Choose a channel, challenge, or workshop to which you want to import the proposals:

1. Press ratas (asetukset)on the upper right corner of your channel, challenge, or workshop.

2. From the opening menu choose Import.

From import click on Select a local CSV file to bring your files from your computer.

When you import a file, it will be arranged by choosing the delimiter.


If there is a column with data including a date format you need to select the date format. The date format has to match the one in the column.

Ignoring line count will ignore the selected lines.

For example, The titles of the Excel cells will be ignored.

Choose the fields to define where on the proposal the data in the selected column will be shown.

You can choose to import multiple columns under one field. They will be displayed under the same title (Form field).

Preview the proposal from View.


You have to define each column setting. You can also choose Do not import- option Once you have completed your selections, choose to submit. 

⚠️If you have many columns you need to scroll horizontally

After submission, the proposals will appear on the channel, challenge or workshop as new proposals.