Sharing a workshop with external stakeholders

You can share a workshop with a simple link to external participants. Externals can access the workshop simply by clicking the link and registration is not required.

💡If you want registration to be required when sharing a workshop you can create a guest self-registration link also.

Read about it here: Guest self-registration with a shareable link.

The steps to share a workshop are:

  1. Click the ratas (asetukset) button in the top right corner of the workshop and choose Sharing.

  2. Click + Generate a new link.
  3. Choose what permissions you want to grant for the visitors using the link

    4. You can copy the created link to the clipboard by clicking it with the mouse.

    Managing visitor's access with a link

    You can manage the access of a created link by

    • Disabling it temporarily or
    • Removing it permanently or
    • Changing the permission of the visitors using the link