Proposal submission form automation

Submission automation assigns an automatic task after proposal submission

📌This feature is available on Orchidea Team, Professional, and Enterprise plans

Proposal submission form automation

Navigate to proposal submission form automation:

  1. Go to a channel of your choice.
  2. Click on + Create proposal on any of the channel tabs
  3. Click on Edit form on the right side of the submission form
  4. Click on the Automation tab on the left edge of the modal window

To assign an automatic task when somebody submits a proposal:

  1. Click on Add automatic task
  2. Choose the role that will receive the automatic task.
  3. Choose which existing management form in the channel the task will be assigned for
  4. Choose the number of days until the task deadline
  5. Fill in an optional message to the task assignee
  6. Click on Add automatic task when you are ready
  7. Remember to Save the changes in the Edit proposal form modal window.