Creating a challenge

In this article, we go through how to create a challenge. Challenge is a time-limited idea-collection campaign that focuses on a specific topic.


👉 Read a broader guide about creating a challenge here: Innovation challenge - the complete guide

  1.  To create a challenge, choose  -button in the side panel of


  2. Name your challenge. This name will appear in the side menu.

  3. Write a description of the challenge

    The description of the challenge should be brief and informative. The description will appear on top of the banner. 

  4. Choose whether you want the challenge to be public or private

⚠️NOTE The challenge is also immediately visible to other users as public. If you want to work on your content in peace, select private. You can change this option at any time in the Challenge settings.

5.     Press Submit button to create a challenge.


6.    Set the date of the challenge. 

    1. Start setting the date in the last field (Top idea selection), by setting the end date of the challenge. 
    2. It is good to allow enough time for each step. The default is a week, but it is a good idea to allow 1-3 weeks for collecting ideas, for example, depending on the challenge.
    3. You can change the date in the menu that opens behind the -icon at the top right corner.
    4. Choose Edit dates.
    5. Set the desired date by clicking on the start date and dragging the cursor to the end date.
    6. It is recommended click on the Automatically adjust dates for other phases feature. This way Orchidea will automatically adjust the previous phases dates so it ends when the current phase starts and the next phase will start when the current phase ends. Otherwise phases can overlap each other or there will be gap between phases unless date adjusting is done manually.
    7. Press send to save.

      edit dates in challenge

⚠️NOTE! The last date, that is the top idea selection, must be later than the dates of the previous phases.

 7.  If you wish, you can also edit the names and instructions of the phases

To edit the names and instructions of phases click at the top right corner. From the opening menu click Edit name & help.

From the same button you can delete the Development phase. Development pahse is the only phase that can be deleted.

8.  Enter the description and details of the challenge in the Info tab.

This description should include all relevant information about the challenge and any additional information.

  1. You can also attach pictures by copying and pasting
  2. The text formatting bar appears when you paint the text.
  3. Press save when you are done.

9. Invite possible other challenge owners and experts to the challenge.

To invite experts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration tab
  2. Select Evaluation in the right sidebar
  3. Invite experts from - button.

  4. Search for experts. Select them by clicking on their name. Notice, If your challenge is private, you should first add users as members to your challenge and after that you can add them as experts.
  5. Press + Add users to send the invites.

If you want to add other owners to the challenge do this:

  1. Select the group icon from the upper right corner, next to the management.
  2. Select user roles from the Members list menu for each person.
  3. From under the Challenge role section, click on the people whose roles you want to change. By default, the user is a member.
  4. You can also delete people from the challenge by pressing image-png-Nov-03-2022-03-21-05-9783-AMfrom under the Action section.
  5. The system will automatically update new roles.


10. Completing a phase in the challenge

⚠️NOTE! Each phase of the challenge must be manually completed by clicking on the Complete Phase button at the bottom of the page.

⚠️ If a phase is manually completed, only the challenge manager can record ideas.

To end a challenge phase, it has to be done manually. Even if the phase would change can ideas still be created if the phase isn't manually completed. Here's how you manually complete a phase:

  1. Go to the Management, which can be found under the banner on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Select the currently active phase
  3. Press the Complete phase-button from the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose yes to confirm the completion.

💡 Remember to complete each phase manually