Creating a challenge

In this article, we will show how to create a challenge in Orchidea. Challenge is a time-limited idea-collection campaign that focuses on a specific topic.

👉 Read our blog for more tips on preparing and running a successful challenge: Innovation challenge - the complete guide

  1. Create a new challenge by clicking + New challenge in the left navigation of Orchidea.

  2. Choose the template.
    1. Co-Development challenge: Participants create ideas and everyone can co-develop them. All ideas are evaluated by participants and/or experts. Finally, decision-makers select the top ideas based on the evaluations. 
    2. Survivors: Challenge in the spirit of the TV show Survivor. Only selected ideas survive each phase. Finally, decision-makers select the top ideas from the remaining survivors.

    3. Double evaluation: Template for challenges with lots of ideas. Screen all ideas with a quick yes-maybe-no-method. Move promising ones to more detailed numerical evaluation. Select the top ideas based on the evaluations. 

  3. Enter the Problem statement and name of the challenge in the following window.

    1. You can learn more about the problem statement formulation in your blog post: Why innovation challenge design is important and how to do it?
    2. We recommend 2 - 3 word long challenge names.

  4. Click the Private toggle switch to make the challenge private.
  5. Click Submit to create a challenge.
    1. If you create a public challenge, it will be immediately visible to all workspace members. If you want to work on your content in peace, create a private challenge. You can change this option at any time in the Challenge settings.
  6. Review the lengths of the challenge phases.
    1. The default phase length is a week, but it is a good idea to extend the length if there are e.g. public holidays.
    2. You can change the date in the menu that opens behind the -icon at the top right corner.
    3. Choose Edit dates.
    4. Set the desired date by clicking first the start date and then the end date.
    5. It is recommended to use the Automatically adjust dates for other phases feature. This way Orchidea will automatically adjust also the dates of the following phases. Otherwise, phases can overlap each other or there might be a gap between phases.
    6. Press Submit to save changes to phase length.

      edit dates in challenge
  7. If you wish, you can also edit the names and instructions of the phases
    1. To edit the names and instructions of phases click on the top right corner of the phase. Click Edit name & Help in the opening menu.
    2. In the same menu, you can also delete those phases that are deletable
  8. Enter the description and details of the challenge in the Brief tab.
    1. This description should include all relevant information about the challenge and any additional information.
    2. You can also attach pictures by copying and pasting
    3. The text formatting bar appears when you paint the text.
    4. Press Save when you are done.
  9. You might want to invite additional participants, owners, and experts to the challenge. This is especially important if your challenge is private.
    1. Click on the challenge user management icon in the right top corner of the challenge
    2. Press + Add new members
    3. If you want to assign some of the newly invited members as owners or managers of the challenge do this:
      1. In the user management, click the drop-down menu in the column Challenge role and change the role.
  10. If you are planning to use experts for numerical evaluation, you might want to add them now. You can also add them later. Adding them will grant them the right to complete a numerical evaluation. To invite, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the Management tab of the challenge
    2. Select Evaluation in the right sidebar
    3. Invite experts with-button.
    4. Search for experts. Select them by clicking on their name. Notice, If your challenge is private, you should first add users as members to your challenge and then add them as experts.