Customize the cards in workflow

Customizing cards allows you to customize what features you see from the proposal listing.

  1. Go to the channel of your choice.
  2. Move to Workflow -tab.
  3. Press on Customize cards.
  4. Click image-png-Oct-30-2022-02-27-18-9821-AM blue if you want to see certain information.


With this setting on, if there's a picture added to the proposal, it will be shown also on workflow cards.



Presenter shows who has presented the proposal.



Shows the date when the proposal was created.

Task situation

The task situation shows how many tasks are completed if there are tasks assigned to this proposal.


Assigned manager

The assigned manager shows who is the assigned manager of the proposal.

Inactive days

The inactive days shows red highlights on the ideas that haven't had any activity in a certain amount of time. The default time is 45 days, but you can adjust that in the settings.

Comment count

The comment count shows the amount of comments a proposal has received.