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Guest self-registration with a shareable link

You can create a shareable link that allows guest registration to a challenge/channel/workshop.

Here's how you can create a self-registration link in a channel/challenge/workshop:

  1. Click the ratas (asetukset) button in the top right corner of the channel/workshop/challenge.
  2. From the opening menu pick self-registration.
  3. Press + Generate new link.

Managing the Guest self-registration link

  • As long as the link is enabled, people can register as guests to the specific channel/challenge/ workshop through the link.
  • The link will stop working when it's disabled or reached its expiration date. You can create multiple links for different user groups.
  • Link works also for users with existing Orchidea accounts, so you can use it as easy means to invite both internal and external users
  • You can set an expiration date by pressing the + under the Expires section.