Public collection settings

You can enable public collection to collect responses from people outside Orchidea users.

Go to the channel settings from the up upright corner, and choose the cogwheel icon.

From the dropdown menu, choose public collect.

1. Choose the layout of the form.

2. Add info text to form. Add information to explain what kind of proposals you are looking for.

3. Add thank you text to show the user after submitting the proposal.

4. Optional presenter email input. If the idea proposer wants, they can leave their own email address. In the text box below, you can put a message to the user to collect the email, for example: 'If you want us to contact you about the results of the innovation challenge, please leave your email address'.

5. Enable public collect. By selecting this option, Orchidea automatically creates a link to the form, which you can distribute by email or post on your website.

The link will appear at the bottom of the menu: