Search proposals

You can search within Orchidea and filter the results by classification, creator, channel, task, hashtag, and assigned manager.

Orchidia has a search function that allows you to look for proposals in the channels, challenges, and workshops you have access to.

The search box can be found in the middle of the top navigation. When you start typing your keyword, you will see a list of proposals for your keyword below the search field. Clicking on a proposal in this list will take you directly to the proposal you have selected.

You can also search by hashtag by entering # and the associated keyword in the search field.

If you type your whole search term and then press the Enter key, you'll get a list of all the search results, making it easy to browse through them.

Filtering search results

In the search results list view, you can filter the results based on

  • classification
  • creator
  • channel, challenge, and workshop
  • pending assignment
  • hashtag
  • the channel manager in charge

You can filter the search results by classification by clicking on the classification name directly above the search results.

To access all filters, click on the All filters button. The list of all filters will open on the right side of the screen.

Review search results in the list view

When browsing through the search results, you have two options to open the proposal displayed in the results for review. Clicking on the proposal name will take you to the proposal management view, where you can access the management forms associated with the proposal.

To return to the search results list, click on the ← arrow above the proposal name to the left.

Clicking on the icon to the right of the proposal name in the search results list will open the proposal in a narrow window to the right-hand side of the list. In this view, the search results list remains visible on the left side of the screen and you can easily browse through the different proposals by clicking on the icon on the left side of the proposal name.