Steps for creating a channel

When you create a new channel, you need to create forms and a workflow to suit the use of the channel.

The steps to create a channel are:

💡We recommend using the templates when creating a channel

  1. Create a channel
    • Create a channel first. Add a name and description for it, and choose if it's private or public.

  2. Choose a template

    Choose one of our best-practice templates to get started right away, or create your own workflow. You can modify the templates afterwards.

  3. Create a workflow for processing ideas
    • After creating the channel, create a workflow. The purpose of the steps in workflow is to model the idea processing and tell those who are interested what stage the idea is at the process. Different stages can be for example In progress, Approved and Archived.

    More detailed instructions: Creating a workflow

  4. Create a form for recording ideas
    • Next, define a form for recording proposals. You can customize the form to make it fit the purposes of your channel by adding existing fields to the form, editing them or creating more fields yourself.

      More detailed instructions: Creating and Editing a Form

  5. Create forms for idea processing

    You can also define forms for idea processing in the channel. Processing forms are especially useful when there are well-established steps and information to be collected in them in the process. You can also make processing forms mandatory so that an idea cannot be moved to a step without filling out a form. This simplifies the work of the idea processor, as the automation guides the processors to collect the data associated with it at each stage.

💡You can sort proposals from the   icon

More detailed instructions: Creating and editing a form
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