Creating a channel with a template

How to create a new channel based on Orchidea's best-practice templates

⚠️Private channels are available on Orchidea Team, Professional, and Enterprise versions

You can create channels for different purposes, topics, and departments. In topic-specific channels, proposals are easy to find and develop. With channels, the proposals stay more manageable and are available to the right people. You can also customize the channel process to suit your specific needs.

You can find the channels in the left navigation. You will see the public channels as well as the private channels to which you have been added. You distinguish the private channels from the icon.

This is how you create a channel

  1. Create a new channel by clicking + New Channel in the left navigation.
  2. Click on the names of the channel templates on the left of the appearing window to see their description, process workflow, and forms.
  3. Once you have found a suitable template, click Next.
  4. Enter the name and description of the channel in the following window. We recommend 2 - 3 word long channel names.
  5. Click the Private toggle switch to create a private channel.
  6. Click Submit to create a channel.

⚠️ You can create a channel if you have sufficient rights.

📌When you create a private channel, you are in the beginning the only member of it. If you want to grant other users access, you have to add them as members. Read: Channel member management

If you did not use Orchidea's best practice templates for channel processes, here are articles related to building a channel process from a scratch: